The Mission of Belle Court Place Organization is to give men who have engaged in substance abuse and criminal activity a second chance by providing the continuum of care needed to create permanent lifestyle changes.  Belle Court Place Organization (BCPO) focuses on providing services, through a network of associated agencies and hospitals, which assist clients in maintaining their freedom from chemical dependencies and subsequent criminal behavior.  BCPO provides housing, job training, job placement assistance, 12-step support groups, and health-related services, as a holistic approach to treatment for men who formerly led lives full of crime and/or substance abuse.  BCPO has assisted a multitude men to successful re-integration into society; with significant contributions to the communities they will ultimately reside in.


Founded in 1998 by Linda Hawkins and the late Linnell Webster, it has been the desire of the BCPO to provide a safe, secure residential environment, where ex-offenders and/or recovering addicts could live and support each other in maintaining new, healthier living standards.  BCPO provides a beacon of light for these clients, who need a structured living environment, job training, job placement, and retention skills training in order to leave the life of drugs and crime which plagued their lives and their families for many generations.

In order to break the cycle of crime and drug abuse, BCPO needs to offer these indigent men a place to live.  Within the residence, each man will be assigned household duties needed to maintain the residence and to create family-like living experience.  As each client is empowered with living skills, security and confidence, BCPO provides services in employment training and placement, in order to ensure these men do not return to a life of crime out of frustration and/or necessity.

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